The 9 Best Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic to Make More Sales

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For a small business just getting started on the internet and wanting to increase website traffic, choosing whether to invest in paid advertising or going for free ways can be confusing.

There are many options you can end up spending a lot of time and money on without getting any big increase in website traffic. 

This article aims to give you an overview and some basic understanding of how to increase website traffic to your site to generate more sales for your business.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is one of the fastest ways of generating traffic to your website. It has become and is still a very popular choice for small businesses focusing on selling primarily through a website.

Pay per click is not the best “bet” to increasing website traffic for many site owners…Why? Running PPC requires a big budget, a lot of testing, trial and errors to optimize conversion rates and truly generate revenue.

Unless you get a professional service (and be careful in choosing which service to use), it might take some “learning curve” to master the art of “extracting gold from mud” using pay-per-click advertising. 

The problem is many site owners can not afford to run PPC campaigns long enough to start seeing a good increase in website traffic that actually converts.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential strategy if you want targeted organic website traffic. The procedures outlined below will help you better understand how to do this.

Track down your potential customers

First, you have to determine how your potential customers use search engines and the terms they use to search for products. With the right words, you can target the traffic you want and the people who will buy your products or use your services. 

Targeting the wrong words may generate traffic, but it won’t be of any benefit to you because the visitors will quickly leave when they see the website does not offer what they expected.

Create traffic-generating web pages

Accordingly, you have to create web pages with content containing the relevant keywords and key phrases. It’s not enough to just sprinkle some keywords in your Meta tags or have web page content that is slightly related to the queries your visitors pose.

It is only by writing a page with solid information that you will be able to generate traffic to your website as visitors who reach your page are satisfied with its content. Moreover, if you present your information properly, search engines provide better results to their users.

Proper presentation of web pages

The last step to implement in search engine optimization to generate website traffic is to properly present your material. Don’t just stuff all your keywords in your web pages or print them in the invisible text at the bottom of the web pages. 

You have to place keywords in the title tag, description tag, the page headlines, and the page’s text links of your web pages to direct traffic to these pages.

It is always better to use the help of a keyword density checker to ensure you have used the right number of keywords in your web pages. You can also read your copy aloud to find out how your page sounds. Any page that just doesn’t seem right means the page has too many keywords in it.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is another efficient way to generate instant website traffic. It has become very popular over the last few years and has benefited many online business people worldwide. 

You can cash in on the rising popularity of video marketing by making a video demonstrating your products and services. 

However, you need to be very careful when making videos and ensure they appear enticing. To start with, keep the length of your video short. Try to highlight all the important features and benefits of your Website in 2-3 minutes.

Remember, billions of promotional and marketing videos exist on the Internet. When browsing through the videos of different categories, visitors will first notice the titles of different videos. 

Hence, to get your video noticed from among millions of others, you need to choose an attention-grabbing and interesting title. Your title should be very interesting and compel potential customers to open and view your video.

Lastly, if possible, paste your URL link so that the viewers can visit your website if they think your products or services can actually benefit them.

Provide Freebies

Freebies are a nice way of reeling in people to your website. Always expound on the word free and the benefits of the items that you are giving away for free.

It can be a free trial period for a subscription that you are offering or a free sample of the products that you are selling and if they want to avail of these freebies. 

They need to fill out a form and give out some of their contact information like their mailing address so that you can send them the giveaways and their email addresses so that you can continuously provide any updates on your website.

Create Quality Content

Firstly, content is king. If you keep uploading quality content on your website, its popularity will grow and visitors will keep coming back for more – and they might ask their friends to check out your website too. 

Your content must be keyword-optimized and you must make it a point to ensure that your website is found on the first search results page when the relevant keywords are searched for. Use tools such as Semrush to have an eye over competitor’s organic visibility. Get a free Semrush account and try it for free.

Needless to say, the keywords you employ in your content must be relevant to your website.

Article Marketing

There are a whole lot of websites that publish well-written articles; they allow these articles to carry a resource box that talks about you and a link back to your website at the end of each article. 

Even reprint directories accept articles, and you must submit articles to such sites and then other website publishers may pick up these articles and reprint them on their website, increasing the number of domains linking back to you.

Set Up A Blog

Find a good product to sell then set up a free blog to promote it. You can set up free blogs at Blogger, WordPress and other resources are available. 

When setting up your blog make sure to use your keywords in your URL. This will help in SEO rankings with the search engines. After this is done then start writing articles and sending all the traffic to your new blog. 

Make sure that you add new content to your blog at least twice a week. To get good content on your blog just rewrite your articles and place them on your blog. Use web hosting providers such as HostGator to host your website. Activate HostGator coupon code to avail of a maximum discount on web hosting.

Forum Marketing

One of the most interesting ways of getting instant Website traffic is by joining online forums. By joining forums associated with the niche that your site deals with, you can inform many people about the attractive features and benefits of your products and services. 

Online forums are the place where you’ll get to meet many like-minded individuals and people interested in your products and services. After you join the forums, be sure to participate actively in the online discussions. 

Also, comment regularly and attach the URL of your Website after every post you make. By doing this, you can attract instant Website traffic.

Easy Website Navigation

You have to make sure that the people coming into your website will find everything understandable and easy to navigate. 

It is important that you include details and information about your available products and services that will entice people to buy and get updates. You should also include photos and other creative designs that will welcome visitors. 

You should include useful content that will boost your reputation and let visitors know more about your website and objectives.


Follow the ways mentioned above to increase website traffic and be on your way to having a site that can earn money quickly. 

When it comes to making money online with your website it’s all about getting the most targeted traffic each day. 

These are just a few of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website. There are many others that you can learn about with research or will learn about over time. 

The key thing to remember is you have to apply these methods consistently and it takes time to get your website ranked highly in the search engines.


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  1. Vrushali Rao on January 31, 2022 at 3:56 am

    Great post and effective tips! Your seo tips keep me coming back for more. I think you shouldn’t rely only on the search engines as a traffic source. There are multiple internet marketing strategies to build up traffic for your website like some of them has well explained in this article. From my experiences, so far, some of the best ways to drive free traffic online are guest blogging and social media marketing. These two strategies can definitely help you build up a nice daily traffic flow.

    I will definitely will try all the tips you have mentioned here as well as I will do more research on influencers on my niche. Now I have to figure out how to get their attention with my kind of content. Thank you somuch forgiving us such informative blog.

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