Sports Movement

Fun Sports Education for Austin's Kids

Web Design and Facebook Advertising Case Study


Meet the Client

Sports Movement is a local organization that provides Austin schools and students with professional cricket and soccer education and coaching. Their students have fun exercising and learning new skills and cultures.

Their programs include after school lessons, weekly training, summer camps, and private lessons.

Sports Movement is also one of the first organizations in Austin to introduce Cricket to young athletes.

The Situation

Sports Movement had absolutely no online presence, not even a domain or work email set up. A lot of the heavy lifting centered around professionalizing and branding the organization for the digital era. We created a clean and simple logo to the exact specifications of the client and put together a brand kit that communicated the Sports Movement ideals. This inspired the rest of our design.

The Sports Movement website also needed a variety of functionality, including:

  • 1 E-commerce
  • 2 Multiple Product Pages
  • 3 Contact and Lesson Sign Up Forms
  • 4 Health and Liability Waiver Forms
  • 5 Photo Gallery
  • 6 3 blogs: Soccer, Cricket, and Youth Education

Beyond these, copywriting was needed for most of the pages and concerted social media and SEO campaigns were going to be necessary after the site went live to generate interest and sales for Sports Movement.

Sports Movement Brand Kit
Client: Sports Movement | Industry: Sports Education | Platform: WordPress

Our Vision

Based on multiple conversations with Raghav, the owner of Sports Movement, we decided to design a clean white website with pops of red to demonstrate energy and excitement.

The design process took roughly a month and included a few revisions. The client and our team are both thrilled with the way it turned out! We think it conveys Sports Movement's ideals perfectly without being cluttered or overwhelming.

The Marketing Plan

With a completed website live, Sports Movement was ready to start marketing. As a young company they are ready to make waves so we pulled out all the stops. We combined ongoing organic and paid social media campaigns, landing pages, concentrated SEO, and website optimization to create a killer marketing package. This is all supported by photography, videography, and video editing performed by our team, as you can see in this video.

The most effective technique we found was to host free lessons in Cricket and Soccer for the kids and advertise those lessons on Facebook and Instagram. Our CPL or cost per sign up was $7.86. After the lessons the coaches would pitch the parents on one of the paid camps.


Social Media reaching 37,000+ a month

1,000+ website visitors a month

141 qualified leads generated for $1,108 in ad spend

Technology Used

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