Find Your Ideal Customer in 5 Easy Steps

Finding your ideal customer

Introduction Finding your ideal customer may seem like a daunting task for any business owner. I’m here to tell you the effort is more than worth it. By finding your ideal customer early on, you’re able to directly focus all of your marketing efforts where they matter most. In fact, most businesses that haven’t thought…

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12 Side Hustles You Can Start On a Budget

female small business owner standing in her coffee shop with arms crossed

Starting your own business is a dream many people share. However, actually being able to do so often seems impossible due to the perceived costs. What you might not know is there are several businesses you can start on a budget. And today, we’re going to discuss 12 of them in-depth. 1. Affiliate Marketing You…

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How To Manage Remote Employees For Small Businesses

The lockdown in many cities that occurred during March 2020 is an unprecedented event for small and large businesses alike. If you are looking for the best software and strategies to manage small business remote employees, you’re in the right place All non-essential businesses across the United States have instantly become open to the idea…

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