Creating a Start-Up at a Young Age

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Being a younger entrepreneur in Austin, TX, can be both an exciting and nerve-racking prospect. After all, creating a successful start-up demands research skills, networking, a strong business plan, and a niche approach to serving the clients in your industry of interest. But if you approach this process strategically and do the necessary work, you…

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How Printed Marketing Materials Can Still Work Today

Just about all businesses engage in advertising to attract customers and generate revenue. Before the pervasiveness of social media, email, and online marketing content, print advertisements were the format of choice for companies seeking to promote their products or services. While many businesses now overlook using hardcopy materials when organizing a marketing campaign, Parrot Digital…

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What You Need To Know About Content Marketing

Content marketing is a buzzword these days. Everyone wants to know how it can help their business grow and what makes content marketing so powerful. It’s time we take a look at what content marketing is and find out the basics of this new marketing technique that has exploded in recent times.  What is Content…

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