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Email marketing is famous as an effective and affordable digital marketing tactic. Experts estimate the average email marketing campaign has a ROI of 44:1.

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Email has been one of the most effective marketing tools in existence since its invention. The fact that email is free, and it's free to start an email campaign, is almost hard to fathom when you consider how effective it is at making sales and closing deals. However, putting together impactful and attractive email marketing campaigns is not the easiest thing in the world. What should my cadence be? How many emails should I send? What do I say? How can I be entertaining instead of annoying? How do I write a subject line that people will open? 

With Parrot Digital's help, email marketing doesn't have to be hard. We can take the hassle of segmenting audiences, setting up email automation sequences, and crafting eye-catching emails off your plate. Better yet, we can do it on your schedule and at a great price. 

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