5 Critical Steps To Hire iOS App Developers

Hiring iOS Developers

It has become crucial for companies to hire great software talent to gain a competitive edge in the mobile app market by building next-gen applications. With Apple’s iOS as one of the major platforms in the mobile operating system market, the demand for robust iOS applications is increasing rapidly. According to a report by Statista, “During the first quarter of 2021, around 2.22 million mobile apps were available in the Apple App Store.”

There is no easy or quick way to hire exceptional iOS developers. Still, with the below-mentioned steps, you can increase your chances of finding the best talent for your organization. 

1. Prepare a requirement document for your project.

Make sure your project requirements are well-written so that everyone who reads it understands what you want to do with your product. Be straightforward and concise when describing who will use your app and how it works. If your mobile app is intended to solve a business problem, state it as clearly as possible in the project description. You should also ensure that the report includes your organization’s objectives, the tech stack you’ll require, the project timeline, and the project feature requirements.

2. Choose the most suitable developer model. 

When you need to hire talented software developers, you have a few options depending on your project size and duration. You can either outsource, hire a freelance app developer, or construct your in-house team by hiring a full-stack developer. Each hiring approach has advantages and disadvantages, which should be examined before beginning the hiring process.

Advantages & disadvantages of different developer models:

  1. Work style

Freelance Developer: Freelancers will be best for your project if you need someone with a specific skill set or a niche area of expertise. 

In-house Developer: Though they may not have expertise in any niche area, they can handle post-development support well and help in keeping the program up and operating.

Outsourcing Company: When you employ an outsourcing company, you get an entire team ready to take on your project and deliver results. All you have to do is sign a contract with the development company.

  1. Geography

Freelance Developer: There are no geographical restrictions. This means you can hire developers from any location on the planet. 

In-house Developer: A geographic constraint limits the talent pool of developers who can work as in-house developers in your company. 

Outsourcing Company: There are no geographical restrictions. This means you can hire an outsourcing company from any location.

  1. Communication

Freelance Developer: One major drawback with freelancers is the communication gap. 

In-house Developer: There is effective and timely communication between team members and other departments.

Outsourcing Company: When working with an outsourcing company, you’re more likely to run into time zones, communication, and cultural challenges.

  1. Cost

Freelance Developer: The cost of hiring freelancers can change from very low to very high, depending on experience and expertise. 

In-house Developer: When you hire in-house app developers, you must consider the time and the resources needed to find and hire the right candidate, monthly compensation, and additional costs (training, office supplies, etc.).

Outsourcing Company: You will not be involved in the project management; as a result, you will save money in a variety of ways and will not have to deal with conflicts or delays.

3. Conduct detailed interviews

Some developers are deep thinkers, others are high-performers, and a select handful are true all-stars. Asking the right questions during the interview will help you manage the hiring process and find the best developer for your project. 

Sample Q&A: How can you prevent retention cycles when utilizing closures/blocks in Swift? 

This question will allow you to determine whether a candidate properly comprehends the retention cycle or not. The correct answer is that while working with closures, a candidate should utilize unowned or weak to capture any value used in the closure. All developers should be familiar with this type of information.

Sample Q&A: Tell me about a time when you were asked to do something you had never done before. This is a soft skills question designed to help you understand how a developer thinks and how they deal with unexpected situations.

4. Finalize the agreement and sign the contract

The contract lists your project timeline, development steps, delivery details, and maintenance cycles when you hire developers. Determining what to do in the event of a dispute is also an essential part of such agreements. 

Essential components of an iOS app development contract:

  • Services to be provided
  • Project time and cost
  • Acceptance testing
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Confidentiality

Make an onboarding checklist.

Sometimes when developers are hired, they are thrown into the deep end and expected to navigate the organization independently. This may work for certain people, but most new hires will find such situations unpleasant and difficult. Therefore, it’s critical to maintain a smooth onboarding process to boost employee retention and happiness. 

Onboarding checklist to hire a new developer and avoid unnecessary hurdles:

  • Send them the contract and have a word with them over a call. 
  • Go over the agreement with the developer.
  • Give them access to the building, a parking spot, keys, special permissions, wifi passwords, and other necessary items like computers, water bottles, stationery items, etc.
  • Add them to your virtual network.
  • Create a system for sharing information. 
  • Make sure they’re on the payroll. 
  • Prepare any additional documents they may require.

Summing up

It has become essential for companies to source and hire talented engineers to build great products and achieve their business goals. Hiring software developers is not easy, especially in a Covid cautious world where the number of in-person tests and interviews is plummeting drastically. However, companies are now shifting to a remote work environment where they can hire talented people from a global talent pool. 

When hiring software talent for iOS app development, you can follow the step-by-step guide discussed above to make the hiring process efficient and smooth.

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