4 Small Business Social Media Tips in 2020 

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Social media trends change rapidly. So rapidly, in fact, that’s it’s easy to forget the social media world as we know it is barely a decade old. Ready to get with the times? Check out 4 of our top social media marketing tips for 2020!

1. Understand your customers and your competitors on social media

If you want to succeed in marketing your business, you have to know and understand your market. This means knowing your audience, your competition and where your market is headed. Researching your field will help you identify your customers’ needs and the challenges your business faces. The info you find by researching will help you tailor your content to give customers what they want.

So how do you understand your market? There are many ways, like surveying your audience. But a much straightforward way would be to use a social media listening tool, like Sentione. The software allows you to monitor keywords across social media, track the extent of your marketing campaign, perform market research and find relevant influencers.

With this tool, you can start creating a good social media strategy. Monitor your competitors so you can analyze them: Is their business active in Austin? What’s their social media like? How big is their audience?

Monitor your brand name. Jump into any conversation that mentions your brand, whether it’s possible interest or a customer service issue.

Find influencers to collaborate with! By monitoring specific keywords, you can find the most popular influencers in the field.

And of course, get to know your audience. Find out what keywords and hashtags they use, who they engage with and what content they look at.

2. Social Video

Videos are a huge trend on social media this year. You’ve probably heard of augmented or virtual reality videos popping up on social media. Research shows consumers like videos, plain and simple. Videos will help drive traffic and engage with your audience.

With easy templates and stock footage, tools like wave.video and animoto help you share your brand story. But don’t just talk about your brand! Customers are most likely to engage with funny, emotional and behind the scenes videos.

Consider using square videos on Facebook and Instagram. And don’t be afraid to use Instagram stories.

3. Use locations and check-ins

If your business has a physical location, having customers “check-in” would help promote you in Austin! Facebook also follows up with the customer the next day, asking for a review. So having a customer check-in could really boost your business.

Just like people search for local businesses on Yelp, they also search on Instagram. That’s where location tagging comes in. Posts with a tagged location result in higher engagement, so remember to use it. Plus, customers who add your location sticker will help spread the word by allowing others to click through and find out more about your business.

If you are tagged in a story or someone checked in, engage! Direct message those who are talking about your business. Thank them and promote yourself even more.

4. Consistency is key

Be consistent with your branded visual content. Your content, tone and voice should reflect your brand identity. So pick your style and look and stick to it.

Customers like knowing what to expect from you. So post regularly. Platforms like PromoRepublic and Meet Edgar help with automated posting. But don’t let automated posting and visual consistency make your social media boring. Create content around your audience and pull them in with every post.

To summarize, by understanding your audience, using videos, properly geo-tagging your posts, and staying consistent with your graphic design and tone, you can more effectively engage your audience on social media.

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